19 September 2011

Star Wars on Blu Ray!

In case you are wondering if I already own it on Blu Ray, no I still do not.  In fact we are still on DVD (boo-hoo-hoo!), my dream of having a surround sound system still a dream right now as we have other priorities to attend to.

Hmmm.... I'm actually feeling a bit nostalgic right now.  I used to have a 6-speaker surround sound system back in my apartment in Manila.  I just loved watching my favourite movies in surround sound.

Anyway, when I do get my sound system up and running, I will surely purchase this Star Wars Blu Ray pack  as well and have a looong Star Wars weekend off!  I am unabashedly a Star Wars fan.  Perhaps not as huge a fan anymore as I used to watch at least one episode per week, but certainly more than your average Joe.

And being a fan, I have been keeping an eye out on news about the Blu Ray release.  Never mind that I already have all the movies on DVD, it's the bonus features that I am interested about.  It has come to my attention, though, that this latest release comes with some controversy of its own.  Namely the "enhancements".  I thought Mr Lucas had finished with those at the Special Editions.  Apparently not.

The bit that's creating a lot of noise (negative, unfortunately) amongst fans is Darth Vader's dialogue addition as he rescues Luke from the ... er... shock at the hands of the Emperor.  In the original version, he merely stares and switches his attention between boss and son, until he snaps and takes the matter into his own hands.

In the "enhanced" version, he says "nooooo".  Not once, but twice!
This actually reminds me of a joke about watching your favourite movie over and over again.  Because the ending might be different the next time around!  Well, the ending may be the same in this case, but there's always the "spot-the-difference" happening with Star Wars these days.

So do I like the change made with the above scene?  Based on the above video capture, I don't think there's a lot to complain about.  It just made Darth Vader's conflict more pronounced, so to speak.  But I think I need to watch the entire Episode 6 to truly judge for myself.

Oh, and it isn't only Darth Vader who's getting the special treatment.  Look at the Ewok below.  Notice something different?

If you blinked, you might have missed it.  But then again, blinking is all new to this Ewok!

There are other cosmetic changes happening here and there...  just watching all 6 movies would be worth it to just compare the current viewing experience with what I remember from far, far away.

But I guess I will have to wait a while longer for that to happen... :-(

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