29 September 2011

Tulip Festival 2011

Last Sunday (25 September) was Tulip Festival at the Botanic Garden. Incidentally, my mother-in-law is here with us on vacation so I thought this would be something she would really like.  And she did, wet weather notwithstanding!

We went to the Botanic Garden with Jo-Lo.  It started with the short but fun Cable Car ride (here's a tip if you're going to the Botanic Garden.  Visit the Library first and pick up a Spring Festival brochure near the entrance.  There's a voucher for a free one-way Cable Car trip!).

Then we took the leisurely trek across this nature preserve to the site of the tulip garden!

The Cable Car is at the right

My mother-in-law was amazed at the variety of trees, plants, and flowering shrubs.

On to the tulips!

Quite a number of tulips are still about to bloom so you're in for a treat if you visit this coming weekend.  To learn more about the Botanic Garden, visit the website at the Wellington City Council.

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