13 March 2012

Mini Golf fun at the Pirate's Cove

Close friends know I have an aversion to golf.  It's not because I do not like the game, but it's more of my personal experience with it.  You see, a company I worked for in the past would hold an annual golf tournament.  It so happened that I was in the thick of these things (being the Marketing guy) all the time.  I did not mind being very busy, it's just that the event never fails to fall on the week of my birthday!  At times, even on my birthday itself!  Pleasing a few of the customers wasn't a walk in the park either.  They are a nice lot, mind you, but there's a handful who are just too demanding and too full of themselves to realize it's a gentleman's game, and they're not supposed to be there at all.  I rest my case.

Anyway, this is a different golf altogether.  It's the golf that I had fun with many years ago back at Camp John Hay in the Philippines.  And it's a game we enjoyed immensely at Pirate's Cove.  An adventure Golf! (or mini golf, as I know it back in the day).

I'm still worked up with that memory of golf events past, so I will let the photos tell the story of our fun weekend trip.

... more photos in my next post!

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