11 November 2012

Brooklyn Wind Turbine

We immediately realized how perfect this location was for the wind turbine as we braced ourselves against the gale.  It's as if Nature particularly liked having the wind turbine here as the strong wind never wavered the whole time were there.

Brooklyn is the site of the first ever wind turbine in Wellington, and was built in 1993.  Our friend Darryl was taking some friends along to see some sights and he hadn't been back here for many years and so he wanted drop by as we were in the area, and it was going to be our first time there (Jo-Lo and I) so it was quite an occasion.

The way to the summit is a winding, narrow road, with cars slowing down to give way to other cars, trampers, or cyclists.  Near the turbine is parking space which also serves as the lookout point to an impressive view of the city!

And you can definitely take a short walk to the location of the wind turbine, where you can also experience the windy weather Wellington is known for!

It's quite a nice place to visit, just make sure you have a nice and warm jacket with you.  To learn more, visit the Meridian Energy website.  And wellingtonnz.com has a handy map.

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