26 November 2012

The Hobbit Artisan Market

The open-air film showing at the Hobbit Artisan Market reminded me of a time long gone in my hometown of Baguio City in the Philippines.  We used to have the best summers there when I was a kid.  One of my fondest memories is the open air film showing at Burnham Park's football field.  We used to live just across the street, and so we were able to stay out in the park til late - even as kids!  Yes, the city was our playground.  And the film showing suited us just fine because it would start late, and end really late.  We'd bring along mats and blankets and enjoy Popeye the Sailor Man cartoon shorts, followed by the main feature which is either The Sound of Music, Swiss Family Robinson, or a religious film.  There was even one time when it got so late that we dozed off under the stars, only to be woken up by our friends' household help at half past 12.  Then we groggily left the park where the film was still on.

Um... if you were looking for some info on the Hobbit Artisan Market, sorry to have disappointed you as I detoured to another story, but my tip is to go to the Market before 5PM if you'd like to see the 'sights and sounds'.  The movie starts at 6pm, at which point only the food stalls would be open for business (and closing soon as well).

Learn more about the Hobbit Artisan Market at eventfinder.co.nz

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