16 January 2013

Gone fishing

Jo-Lo was invited by his friend Russell one fine Spring day to go trout fishing.  My seven-year old kid going fishing?  Yep.  That's thanks to the Capitol Trout Centre!  The Centre teaches the kids about the basics of fishing, and starts it off by having a licence (which is free for kids) and then an adult helps out the kids with their fishing adventure.

The kids get to take home their catch.  If you're squeamish about cleaning the fish, you can have it done there for a donation.  It was quite an experience for Jo-Lo, who was fishing for the first time.  The people running the place are friendly, and it's quite an interesting place to visit; it's like a valley with water flowing into a basin where kids can fish for rainbow trout.

the fish get weighed and recorded in the kid's certificate

time to have the fish cleaned!
awesome place!

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