12 March 2014

In search of Emmet

With the impending release of The Lego Movie in New Zealand (still coming out in mid-April - seriously?!), we've been excitedly watching movie trailers, reading reviews, and watching a host of YouTube Videos about it.

And of course, we would like to have an Emmet Lego minifig for our collection!  We're pretty sure he is the hero in the movie, although we haven't watched it yet.

So over the weekend we went minifig hunting!  We bought six blind bags with the hope of getting an Emmet (we heard he's quite a common figure, which is good).

And the first minifig we have is... Abraham Lincoln!

 Well.. he does look like a nice character and the "four score" document he's holding is a nice touch.  He is very identifiable as Abraham Lincoln with his top hat and beard.  We're happy to have him in our collection.

The second blind bag is... Scribble Face Bad Cop!

 He's got a really nice helmet and the scribble face is also quite unique, so he's in!

The third blind bag is... Velma Staplebot!

 Velma is the personal assistant to President Business.  She looks rather odd though, but we still might warm up to her when we see the movie.

The fourth blind bag is ... the Panda Suit Guy!

 We like this minifig a lot.  The Panda costume is really nice.  And who doesn't like Pandas?

The fifth blind bag is... Wild West Wildstyle!
 Wildstyle is the supporting actresss in the movie (we think) so it's great to have her too!  And that's a nice hair piece.

Amd the last blind bag is... Larry the Barista!
 Larry makes the most average and most expensive coffee in the city!  My son said that coffee cup gets some screen time too so I guess this minifig is in!
That's the last of our blind bag... and no Emmet!

Oh well... we might try to buy some more blind bags next time.

Here's the Jo-Lo's Hangout episode for The Lego Movie Blind Bags.  Enjoy!

(I will update this blog in the next couple of days with the bump codes!)

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