09 April 2014

In search of Emmet (part 2)

Because we really wanted to have an Emmet figure and 'failed' with the first batch of blind bags (though the set was really an awesome addition to our minifig collection), we decided to buy another half dozen and try our luck.

There were duplicates in this set though.  We got 2 President Businesses, another Larry the Barista, and the Panda Suit Guy.

Our new minifigs are as follows:

President Business
We haven't watched the movie yet (out on 17th April!) but we know that he is the bad guy in the movie.  His headpiece is unique and has 2 faces.  He has a mug for accessory and labeled 'Octan'.  He's got a nice suit for printing.  Actually, I think I have a suit of that colour too!

Taco Tuesday Guy
Not sure how he fits in the movie but this is a cool minifig!  Very colourful and distinctive with his sombrero, taco plate, and scarf.  Look at that printing!  Very festive indeed.

Wiley Fusebot
When I first saw the ads for the minifigs, I was not too keen about getting these robots.  Wiley Fusebot changed that first impression.  He has really great printing.  And his accessories are cool.  And look at that racoon tail hat!  Very nice.  The head piece is also given a metallic colour which looks great.  And there's even a beard!  Easily a likeable minifig.

But still no Emmet for this second round!  But we're still happy with this haul, as can be seen in the video below.

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