06 August 2015

Titanopsis galore

Although the name implies mammoth proportions, the Titanopsis is actually quite small and fagile-looking.  What I like about it most is the curious way the tip of the leaves look - knobby and mottled.  It makes for an intriguing specimen.

Luckily, I found one that was ready to flower, and after a couple of days, it rewarded me with 2 flowers!  They're like a breath of spring in the middle of winter.

I like them so much that I bought a couple more pots!  Hopefully I got different kinds of Titanopsis - I'm not much of an expert in identifying these things.  Luckily, these two are also getting ready to bloom!

And while I was at it, I also picked up this Faucaria.  The shiny, waxy leaves resemble the jaws of a mammal and while those spines look dangerous, they are actually quite soft.

I think my work colleague has also been infected by the cactaholic bug because he also bought some for himself.  He has an opuntia and frithia (which I already have), but he also bought a couple more which I would have wanted myself!

Echinocereus rigidissimus v rubsispina
The spines of this cactus branch out from reddish pores which make it look really unique.

 Another beautiful specimen.  The spines look soft, but are far from it.  Its top looks like something is going to come out of it in a flash and gobble up any bug that ventures near it.

All these are in our office, and my colleague would occasionally just stand by the window sill, lean over and stare at our mini garden.  He would comment at how dry the soil looks (we watered these thoroughly only three days prior) and I would adamantly forbid him to water!

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