30 October 2015

A Whale of a Time at Waikiki Beach

We planned this holiday for months, and when we arrived at Waikiki Beach in Hawai'i, it was a dream come true.  We had gloriously sunny days, the sand wasn't scorching hot and the water is warm.  And the views!  It's breathtaking.

I absolutely love going to the beach in the tropics.  My family loved it too.  Who wouldn't?!  Hawai'i is the perfect place for a beach outing.

During the many afternoons we spent there, we saw photoshoots for weddings and engagements, surfer dudes, people basking in the sun, kids have a great time in the water.  It is such a fun atmosphere!

That's Diamond Head beyond.  We were able to trek this dormant volcano later on in our trip!

We spent one afternoon just walking around and soaking in the sights and sounds of the beach and surrounding area.  Loved it.

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