21 January 2016

Cacti and Succulents in bloom

The past few weeks took an interesting turn at our windowsill as some of the plants decided to flower.  I was surprised with a couple of them, actually - I thought they don't bloom at all.

This is the Peanut Cactus, so called because of its shape.  I had this for quite a while now, and I have successfully propagated this.  Quite a hardy plant, this one.  From out of the blue, one of the smaller plants suddenly flowered - it's quite beautiful.


This one is on a really small ceramic pot, but it bore a beautiful flower just the same, with multiple yellow petals and a rather large pistil area (recalling my grade school Biology here).

I bought this one from the school fair.  It's still on a yoghurt cup but it flowered - a stunningly bright orange one at that.

This one's at the office.  It bloomed a lot when we were out on holiday and when I came back, it had already finished.  But lo and behold, it decided to do a second batch, just for me!

Another one of my cacti in a small ceramic pot.  Dark red flowers!  I have since moved this to a bigger pot.

Christmas cactus!  They say this one is rather difficult to encourage to flower so I am pleased with the couple of flowers it had.

A Mamillaria specimen, popular for having a ring of flowers around the plant.

This is one of the bigger specimens in my collection - an aloe variety.  It has a unique flower bunch - close up below.


I've had a couple of other succulents flower this past week; I'll take photos of those too and share it.

Cacti and succulents are such a cool plant to collect and take care of.  It's a rewarding hobby - perfect for busy people, as they require little care, and occasionally you get pleasant surprises!

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