11 February 2016

Star Wars Kinder Surprise Toys

Looks like Star Wars mania isn't finished yet.  Not in our household, anyway.  When we saw the promotional box of new Kinder Surprise with Star Wars toys, we definitely had to buy some to review.

There's a special box with 3 eggs in it for NZ$5 each.  We opted to purchase 2 boxes.
(We actually purchased 2 more boxes a couple of nights ago and it's already $5.50 per box.  Still $0.50 cheaper though if you buy individually, at $2 each).

From this batch, we were able to get 4 unique toys.

Princess Lea aboard the Tantive IV

R2-D2 on a Jedi Starfighter

Darth Vader on the TIE Interceptor

A Stormtrooper aboard a Star Destroyer

My favourite for this batch is the Stormtrooper/Star Destroyer combo.  Both the helmet and the ship are iconic and nicely detailed.  The exhaust ports of the Star Destroyer are also in transparent blue plastic, which looks really cool.

My next favourite would be Darth Vader, followed closely by R2-D2.  The Tantive IV looks really nice, but Princess Lea's expression is a bit off.

Here's hoping the second batch will give us the Millenium Falcon and the X-wing Fighter!

Guess what we'll be doing with these toys....  Christmas tree ornaments, of course!

Check out Jo-Lo and Christine's review of the Kinder Surprise Star Wars toys:

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