17 February 2016

Kinder Surprise Star Wars toys ... part 2!

I was at a Dairy this afternoon and did a double-take when I saw the boxes of  Kinder Surprise eggs by the counter.  But it's not because they also had the Star Wars toys, but because they were selling it at a whopping $2.80 each!  The eggs retail at $2 each at Countdown, and $5.50 for a box of 3!

Anyway, we bought a couple more boxes in an effort to get the Millenium Falcon and the X-Wing fighter.  We managed to get one in.

The other 2 unique toys are Chewbacca's Wookie Gunship and C3PO on a Tantive IV.

I'm a bit disappointed with C3PO, actually.  On the mini poster, Threepio had a shiny, metallic finish.  It's not the case with the actual toy.

The other 3 eggs revealed duplicates.

We still have that elusive Millenium Falcon to hunt down.  But would we want to purchase more eggs? Only time will tell.

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