12 April 2016

LEGO Nexo Knights Robin's Mini Fortrex polybag review

Polybags are hard to come by here in New Zealand.  You either get them from special LEGO events, as prizes from contests, or in this case, as a freebie from a magazine!

The LEGO Nexo Knights Robin's Mini Fortrex polybag comes free with this month's issue of K-Zone (AU/NZ edition) so get this magazine while you can!

The build itself is quite easy - my son managed to do it in record time - but what's interesting with this set are the new pyramid-like translucent studs.  We've never had those pieces before.  Well, actually this is our first Nexo Knights set ever; this may well be a recurring theme in the other sets belonging to the Nexo Knights category.

Another special feature of this set is that it includes a minifig in the form of Robin.  According to the LEGO website, Robin Underwood is a freshman student at the Knights Academy. Too bad he doesn't come with accessories but it's still good to have this minifig.

And here's the mini Fortrex, which my son says it a miniaturised version of the Fortrex.  Its bigger cousin is definitely more formidable than this compact version, but the two traits they both share is the drawbridge and the wheels.

This mini version also has the new spring loaded missile launcher, which is a handy addition (although the studs can get easily lost by using this contraption, which is what happened in the video below).

Overall it was a fun and easy build, with cool playability.  It has wheels, a drawbridge, a missile launcher and a minifig - what more can one ask for in a polybag?

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