08 April 2020

Day 14 of lockdown due to COVID-19

Today's 50 (26 confirmed, 24 probable) marks the second day of declining COVID-19 cases in New Zealand. As Washington Post declares that New Zealand is squashing the curve, we should become even more vigilant, because such a trend might cause us to relax our guard and become careless.

This morning the pantry did not have bread and milk, so we decided to go to the supermarket. It took a little more than an hour to complete the shopping, and then it's back to homebase.

Daylight Savings Time has ended over the weekend. The days are becoming shorter and the afternoon air a bit chilly. Last week I used to be able to spend a couple of hours after work tending the garden, but it's been a bit difficult these past couple of days because of the weather. I think it's also because of the cyclone that is battering the nearby Pacific Islands.

We are now in the middle of Holy Week. It's a very important time in our Catholic spiritual life. Friday through to Sunday would be a time of community gathering, of following His passion of the cross, His death, and resurrection on Sunday.

COVID-19 has changed the way we are commemorating this special occasion. This is the first time ever that gatherings of any kind are forbidden, including Church gatherings, in case community contamination may occur. But convene we must, and with the aid of technology we will.

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