01 April 2020

Day 7 of lockdown due to COVID-19

Today was D-day. Or should I say, Supermarket Day. We drove down to the supermarket and my wife joined the queue while I waited in the car. The guidance is that only one person should purchase stuff, and if anyone else should stay put in the car. It was just as well that she went because I was having a bad case of hayfever. For sure people would go scrambling when I start sneezing inside.

We arrived at the supermarket at around 1.15pm, and she returned a little over an hour later. It wasn't that bad, she said. She managed to purchase the things we need and there was adequate stock for all necessities and food. The customers were orderly and it was relatively quiet, so I guess my concerns about experiencing or seeing some form of harrassment has, thankfully, no grounds.

It was a hot day today so staying in the car (and wandering a short distance around the parking lot) made me feel sleepy, so it was a challenge going back to work afterwards. But work I had to, and finished a bit later to compensate for the time we were out.

We had an online group prayer meeting that evening. It's good to have support in these challenging times.

We did not have a chance to go out for a walk due to the grocery shopping, but here's a photo of one of the more amusing stuffed toys display we saw.

Today there were 61 new and confirmed COVID019 cases, bringing to a total of 708 here in New Zealand.

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