23 February 2022

Ramen is life

I watched The God of Ramen from the Japanese Film Festival because I love Ramen and I thought it will be about cooking. Well, it was in some way. But it was more on the poignant life of renowned Ramen Chef Kazuo Yamagishi.  In a lot of ways, his story strongly resonated with me. This realisation came when Yamagishi's hands were focussed. I've seen those hands before: calloused and a bit twisted from osteoarthritis. It was my father's. His hands became even more pronounced when he retired from work. Arthritis hurts. Must be why he was difficult most times, at least with those looking after him. He was also stubborn, that much is true.

And the way Yamagishi san tasted the broth and knew how it adjust it, and what was missing... it was my Nanay. She was amazing. Whenever I went home on weekends she made sure that I have pre-packed meals I can bring back to Manila to keep in the fridge. Her meals are so delicious.

I also saw part of me in Yamagishi san. The person who is stuck with past hurts. The deaths of my parents and relatives are a defining moment for me. The pain never goes away. It lingers. But you have to learn to live with it, for the sake of the present, the future.

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