01 February 2022

Time after time

I glance at my watch. 11.07pm. I pause and wonder how time just flew by so fast. I glance at my watch again and half an hour has gone. This watch counts down every hour, every minute, every second. So precise, so... clinical.

How about counting the days by the season instead? We're almost done with summer. Soon the hot summer air will give way to the cool autumn breeze. The trees will swap their greens with blazing reds and oranges, and then drop all these for white, powdery snow. 

And then... The daffodils would start to sprout and flower. Colour and hayfever all round!

And the cycle starts all over again. 

Time waits for no one. How should I spend this time, I wonder? I glance at my watch..
 an hour has gone...

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