21 February 2024

'cause life's a constant change, and nothing stays the same

It's 2.30pm. I'm in my son's room, counting the minutes til he comes back from Uni, counting the hours til I fly back to Wellington. I can't help but think how time has flown. I can still remember cradling him in my arms while I read the latest Harry Potter book. I loved giving him rides on my shoulder whenever we were out and about.

And now here he is, moved away from us to pursue his university studies.

As parents, we could only wish that our kids have been listening to our words of advice, and that he will be ok now that he will be far from us. We pray that our kids will be safe, and that we don't want to nag them about going home once in a while but that's what we always want to say but we keep quiet and hope they do.

We hope. And we pray. And we will always be there, no matter what happens.

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