16 February 2024

If I could save time in a bottle, the first thing that I'd like to do

This week was quite a roller coaster.

Last Tuesday, my daughter went off to her Year 8 camp. Then yesterday I accompanied my son here at the South Island where he will be flatting as he starts his first year of University, and his first time to be away from us.

I didn't know if I should feel happy, or sad, or angry. At one point I felt anger was the best way to cope.

But as I sit here in my son's room (he's gone off to have dinner with friends), and I saw my daughter on a video call home safely, I feel more at ease. The tension I felt at the start of the week has started to ebb and I feel relieved.

If I were to grade this week on a stress meter, it would have been an 8 (with 10 being the highest). Last monday as I brushed my teeth and saw my face on the mirror, I muttered to myself: 'Parenting sucks. Why should our kids have to go away?'

We actually had a fun weekend prior to this. We went on a tramp, we got two beautiful cockatiels, and we had meetups. 

 I was on a high, but that crashed on the Tuesday.

Looking back, it doesn't seem so bad now. I am hoping for the best, hoping that my son listened to my words of advice, and that he will be safe. I am looking forward to going back home and see my daughter and wife again.

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