16 February 2005

A bloody Valentine

I swear I didn't have anything to do about the bombing yesterday. When I wrote about the tragic Pyramus and Thisbe story, it was because I love mythology. And greeting a commenter a bloody valentine, that was a joke.

We had friends who visited the house, and we had a grand time chatting about things other than the bombing. We got wind about this tragedy early on, but it must not have registered strongly to us at that time. But when we were already in bed at 11:30, we switched on the TV to catch the late night news. Around 3 people dead and over 90 people injured. The names of the people were being flashed at the bottom of the screen while images of the bomb site occupied the rest of the screen.

It was a disaster. The bus was a skeleton of its former self. A victim was burned so badly it was difficult identifying her. Two explosions were identified that decimated the bus. I read aloud the names of the people displayed, trying to see if we know anybody.

I have Muslim friends as well, but they certainly do not reflect the ideals these Abu Sayyaf (who claimed responsibility for the bombings) represent. My friends want peace. We want peace. Hurting and killing innocent people, and hurting the nation is not helping anybody. Not their ideals, not everybody else's quest for peace.
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