22 February 2005

Chicken feet aren't used for walking only

"Tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are."

The person who quoted this is lost in the myriad of quotable quotes that I have come across since time immemorial, but this quote certainly holds true for chicken feet.

Whoa. What's the correlation, you may ask? Well, I do believe that friends influence your preferences (and life) in many ways. Til I was in high school, I kept a rather strict diet that does not include various animal anatomy that could not be officially called "meat". But I had college friends who were "cowboys", so to speak, in that they had every imaginable thing in their menu. Including chicken feet. And in one of our morning gatherings which dragged on til lunchtime, we did not have anything ready to eat because we mostly talk and laugh and talk and laugh some more.

So the host bought chicken feet which they cooked adobo-style (simmered in soy sauce with spices). Yummy. Everybody else was eating this rather sticky concoction, so what was a person to do but dig right in? I enjoyed it immensely.

And so visits to Chinese restaurants now include the chicken feet dimsum. The "meat" is tasty, and when you get every tender morsel, out pops the small bones on a side plate.

We had chicken feet along with other dishes at Luk Yuen in Glorietta. Their complimentary soup is nice too, as well as their P15.00 house tea. The service is quick and friendly too.

I also like the century egg (many of my colleagues don't like it, so I take charge in consuming those) and the translucent white, jellyfish thingy.

But I don't think I'll be trying out fresh snake blood any time soon.


  1. That translucent white jellyfish thingy isn't an animal at all - it's actually a plant. It's seaweed. Dim sum is actually practical to eat because it's quite heavy on your tummy. The thing we call Chicken Feet actually has a heroic name called "Phoenix Claw" or fong jow. Good thing dog meat dim sum is not big anymore.

  2. paborito ko yan lalo na pag nagbabasketball!!!

  3. Anonymous10:19 pm

    I don't like chicken feet. But I like century eggs :D I find chicken feet weird... I don't like the texture :(

    *winces at the memory of eating chicken feet*

    This is weird. I like eating isaw.

    Thanks for telling your wife about the time I get home :)

  4. hey chicken feet of Luk Yuen happen to be one of my favorites also. actually chicken feet period. it doesn't even have to be from Luk Yuen.

  5. Hello jgotangco! You seem to know a lot about exotic dishes! Thanks for the info!

    Yes Masterchu! Pang takbuhan ito! Adidas! Get it? ehe ...he ... he

    Hello eClair! I don't like isaw much. Wierd huh? To each his own. So sorry she wasn't able to call you because I got home late na rin :-(

    Hello Amie! The wierd part is, when we took photos of the chicken feet, the ladies next to us starting talking about blogs. But of course I couldn't just interject and ask what her blog address is ... she might say I was eavesdropping on them :-)

  6. chicken feet slow cooked with chinese herbs and spices with mushrooms, ala adobo rin, is one of my favorite add-ons when I eat wanton mee. Pinas pa lang kumakain na ako ng "adidas". Sarap pulutan lalo na't gin bulag ang iniinom mo.

  7. Until now I thought chicken's feet were for carrying chickens. "Cowboys" in the Philippines are certainly different than here in America where no self-respecting "cowboy" would eat anything other than beef.

  8. Anonymous4:05 am

    many many years ago when we were young and high someone bought chicken feet, the barbecued kind, three feet per skewer, kinda makes you think you're eating genetically mutated chicken, but this was my first time to eat them and then some other bloke said, "alam mo ba kung anong tinimpla dito" and i said "ano?" and he said "desenex" and i've never eaten chicken feet at all.

  9. Boss Pepe! Yup, adidas is the perfect companion to drinks with friends!

    Hello Mr Abbey! We refer to people here who are not squirmy about their preferences (including eating using your bare hands) as "cowboys". They are easy-going, fun-to-be-with people who wouldn't mind anything offered them. The connotation here is rather different. :-)

    Ma'am Bambit, what's desensex?

  10. Anonymous6:58 pm

    desenex, my boy, desenex, hindi desensex bwahaha baka isipin ng mga readers mo may kablog kang lolang adik na sex fiend pa... eniweys eto ang desenex o: Click mo to

  11. Hello Ma'am Bambit. I swear that was an accident. hehehe! I shouldn't multitask while blogging.

    Ma'am, baka naman joke yung desenex, kasi yung chicken feet, also called Adidas di ba? harharhar

  12. Chicken Feet! I used to love them till naalatan na ako masyado sa sauce niyan ngayon. Masarap yun sa Hap Chang :)

  13. masarap talaga chicken feet pero natikman niyo na ba chicken pwet?

  14. Mga food experts na ba tayo? *laughs* Hehehehe :D
    Ok lang. Maybe she could email me instead?:)

  15. Anonymous4:00 am

    eh kasi naman naman nung nabanggit yung desenex may kaharap pa akong salt shaker at kaka-hit ko palang ng baguio gold yes i inhaled ano ako gaga mahal yun sa cebu ano so na-imagine ko tuloy yung salt shaker as desenex tapos tak tak tak parang ajinomoto dun sa adidas sus mio manok na may athlete's foot? anyway, that sure ruined it for me. kahit damatans na ko ngayon naaalala ko parin parang kahapon lang ate charo ...

  16. From my time in the Philippines, I quickly learned that Filipinos really love their food and your blog seems to be a testament to that.

  17. I used to love the chicken feet at a Chinese Resto called "Savory," but me and my mother used to cook them adobo-style with some dash of red pepper, that is, after cooking it for a long time so it becomes quite gelatinous instead of stringy tough. Sarap!

  18. Hi Toni! Naging chicken feet aficionado ako dahil sa prends ko. hehehe. Ma-hunting nga ang Hap Chang.

    Chu the Man! Yan ang pinag-aagawan sa Max's!

    Hello Bambit! Magandang storya ito para sa Lovingly Yours. ehehehe

    Hello Mr. Abbey! We do love food! In fact, we even eat around 5 times a day! That includes snacks

    Hello Manang! Adobo rin ang luto nito sa amin! Pero mukhang mas masarap pagluto nyo noon.


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