07 February 2005

The Horse and his Boy: a weekend read

Like a pleasant surprise when Lucy found the Wardrobe, so did my wife's friend in discovering a book while rummaging through magazines and photos under our living room table last Sunday afternoon. C.S. Lewis' The Horse and His Boy was amongst the stack of old newspapers. The funny part is, I remember buying the book, but never reading it. And browsing through the first few pages affirmed that.

"The Horse and His Boy" is Book 3 of the Chronicles of Narnia. It recounts the adventure of Shasta and the talking horse Bree, along with Aravin (a girl of royal lineage) and Hwin (also a talking horse). This party of four were outsiders in the places they lived in. They did not belong. Shasta, who looked so different from the father that he had known since birth; Aravin, who was to enter into an arranged marriage but did not care about the royalty and wealth it entailed, and the two horses who were abducted from Narnia when they were but foals.

The journey as difficult, and each had to face their own challenges. But forged on as a team they did. In the end, each one fulfilled their aspirations, and Shasta even made a prediction come true.

It was a wonderful story. I think you'd be able to follow much of it even if you haven't read the other two books that transpire before it, though I do recommend at least reading The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. Going back to the woods, dining with the elves, and going into battle was definitely exciting. I finished the book around midnight last night [finished it lying down :-)], and left me wanting to go back to Narnia for more adventures.


  1. My favorite in the whole series (if you can look past the obvious lampooning of the Muslims as the Calormenes)! There's little of C.S. Lewis' usual heavy-handedness in this book - the next-best one, in my opinion, was Voyage of the Dawn Treader. But of course, I'll take Middle-Earth over Narnia any time. :-)

  2. Hello! I haven't read the Dawn Treader yet. I plan to buy Prince Caspian first so I can follow the storyline, although I have a feeling I've read this before in my college days... good thing I can check the story first in the Net!

  3. Watson, kung pupuntahan mo kami sa Christmas sa Baguio or maybe sa Pangasinan, I will bring home a whole series for you..I bought a compounded one, parang encyclopedia ang laki and had all the series in it. It was just $3.00 kasi may napunit lang sa front page..it was really a good buy.

    My boss' wife was telling me a series to follow daw and that first book should be read again after the six ones have been read. I didn't have time to do that but I liked the first one.

    Magaganda rin yung mga reader's digest na summarized..

  4. Hello TingAling! Di nga! Wow, February pa lang, I already have a nice present to look forward to this Christmas! Thanks!

    I bought "Prince Caspian" last night and stopped at Chapter 2 last night. I got the small version; the 50th Anniversary edition with the pristine white pages with coloured illustrations are 50% more expensive kasi...

  5. hi watson. wow naman wide reader ka pala...anyway, try reading one of my favorite authors, paolo coelho...well, if don't like his books, i guess im a shallow person for u.

  6. Hello Princess Em! Antukin rin ako ehehehe. Kanya-kanya lang pong preference yan. What are Paolo's books about?

  7. I have a copy of all seven books - in plain vanilla ascii. Want a copy?;)

    How come my fic reminded you of Card Captor Sakura? You watched that too? I have copies at home;)

  8. i have the collected version also. all 7 books in one. with aslan on the cover. ganda rin ng pages. national bookstore yun nun eh, parang 700 pesos ata or 800. good buy. lalo pa't yung friend ko na kasama ko ang bumili. hehehe. enjoy your reading. :)

  9. Hello eClair! I also like to watch anime, that's why I'm familiar with them ^_^

    Hello Dyezebel! I bought Prince Caspian last night. And the book format (similar to what I'm reading above) costs 249 pesos! And they no longer have The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe! I wanted to buy one for my wife who just finished reading The Magician's Nephew and she can't advance to The Horse and His Boy because she hasn't read Book 2 yet.

    Yup, based on the price you mentioned, it was definitely a good buy. Sayang for me!

  10. I read the series years back. I always liked The Last Battle best. It was years later that I discovered the Christian analogy. I have to say that went right over my head.

    But I do prefer Lord of the Rings at the end of the day.

    I've just started Stephen King's The Tower. Almost finished Book 2. A mixture of Tolkein and Spaghetti Western. Great fun!

  11. Hello Mr. Stevens! I've come across your name in comments with other blogs. Thank you for dropping by!

    I just finished Prince Caspian last night. It was delightful reading. I will write about it later. I read The Hobbit before the movies came. And I started reading on the Fellowship but somehow didn't finish the book. I think, though, that the movies successfully captured the essence of Middle Earth.


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