11 February 2005

Not your run-of-the-mill bookstore

Finally, after a couple of days' search for The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, I found a copy from Books for Less. And this I found through the help of fellow blogger micketymoc in his comment to a previous post.

And not a moment to soon. For when I arrived there, I immediately asked the friendly people behind the counter if they have C.S. Lewis books, particularly Book2. They directed me to a table-like shelf, and I immediately saw the familiar covers. My face fell when I didn't see Book2 once again. Then one of the reps went to another section and promptly returned with a couple more. And with this batch was the one I was looking for! At only P149 pesos! Of course, it's relatively cheap because they sell not-so-new books but what the heck. A book is a book, so don't judge it by its cover. :-)


And in my search for Narnia, micketymoc also gave me something worth discovering. From the outside, Books for Less in Greenbelt looks like a nondescript, boring-looking place. But inside, I immediately felt at home. It was like visiting the National Library in Baguio, or our library back in high school.


There was the absence of heavy advertising stuff telling you to buy this and that. Just rows and rows of bookshelves neatly arranged so there is still ample space for a couple of chairs and tables. And there was also a coffee dispenser. Which led me to ask ...

"Ma'am, pwede be magbasa dito? [Ma'am may I read here?]"
"Opo (yes)", came the reply.
"Walang bayad? [No fee?]"

My face lighted up. Wow. I wandered around. Books of every topic, waiting to be read. Nice sitting corners. There's even a section where kids can read (with matching kiddie tables and chairs). It was simply relaxing. Nice, clean, quiet and simple surroundings. My kind of place.

I paid for my purchase and said I will be back. Soon.

[Aside from the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe for my wife, I also bought Voyage of the Dawn Treader for myself. We started reading last night. It was wonderful. Books for Less Greenbelt branch is open til 9PM, and is located at the left side of Max's Restaurant]



  1. ideas ...ideas ....

    Hey! The comment window of blogger changed! I can see you Ate Fionski!

  2. whoa..iba na nga ang comment page ng blogger..

    anway, I like the bookstore din kasi I got to buy a lot of cheap books for kids that would have cost 3x at Powerbooks and NBS, like Powerpuff girls, Rugrats, etc. I actually got to complete the Beatrix Potter collection there.

  3. ey watson, there's one near our office near tang city. yep. havnt gone inside though but i always wanted to. maybe we can go there this saturday.

  4. Hello jgotangco! This commenting interface is much better, isn't it? Before, I'd open another window just to see who I will respond to. Now, it's all visible!

    Looks like I'm delayed in the Books for Less shops news. harhar

    Hello dessagirl! Really? Wow, that's great! I hope the ambience is like the one in Greenbelt. Sure, let's drop by there this Saturday!

  5. perhaps i should visit this bookstore soon! i'm also a book lover! ei watson! i might bump into u :)

  6. so you are a book fetish too huh, mukhang pabago bago ang header image natin lagi hah hehe :) I think sa NBS bawal magbasa, and other not-so-chic bookstores. I finished reading one book in powbooks live sa dalas ko pumunta don haha!! Talk about user schmuck

  7. Hello Amie! That will be nice! Although baka palayasin tayo kasi magchichikahan tayo run. ahaha. It's not a library, but when you're inside, you'll feel like you're in one so the instinct is to keep quiet. sshhh!

    Hi Vixen! Really, you were able to finish a book in PowerBooks?! Galeng ah. In Books for Less, they actually encourage reading. There are chairs and tables, and you may buy coffee too!

  8. http://cslewis.drzeus.net/bookstore/

    have you visited this website?

    at any rate too bad that you can's order through Amazon.com they ahev the books youa re seraching for.

    havea great weekend :)

  9. I love used bookstores! Most of the time, the books are still in good condition, and prices are definitely just right. We are lucky to live in a university town, so used bookstores abound.

  10. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Books for Less is wonderful!
    As in! Meron ding ok na store sa Market! Market! - Ex Libris naman yung name.:D

    By the way, your wife is a librarian, right? I might need her help soon!

  11. Books for Less is wonderful!
    As in! Meron ding ok na store sa Market! Market! - Ex Libris naman yung name.:D

    By the way, your wife is a librarian, right? I might need her help soon!

  12. Hello eClair! I've seen an Ex Libris before but can't quite remember where. Yes, she's a Librarian, but is not currently working. You need her specialization for something?

  13. Wow! There is another place where Ex Libris is? Coolness!

    I hope you remember where it is. Then drop a line on my blog :D

  14. Sharon9:14 pm

    National Library in Baguio? I know of a City Library where I used to go when I was in high school (mean librarians there) and the YMCA and ABWE libraries but I haven't heard of a National Library. Isn't that the one in Manila?

    I've been buying various editions of the Narnia books from Booksale these past years. The most common is Voyage of the Dawn Treader and the hardest to find is Last Battle. They usually cost around P45.

    BTW, for first time readers, I highly recommend that you start reading with the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe then the rest of the books in their publications order.


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