28 February 2005

The end of the Chronicles of Narnia

I have actually finished the seven books of the Chronicles of Narnia a couple of weekends back. I went at a feverish pace through the The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Silver Chair, and The Final Battle. It was, to simply state it, an excellent read.

The ending was a mix of feelings. The Chronicles conclude with a cacophony of revelry with a tinge of sadness at the end, for finally High King Peter, King Edmund, and King Lucy, who were informed before that they will never be able to go back to Narnia, but was actually able to come back, but it is due to tragic circumstances that they were able to (sorry for the spoiler for those who have to read Narnia yet, but I don't know how else to express it).

The ending read like a Chapter off the Apocalypse from the Holy Bible. And rightly so, for the Chronicles has a strong religious theme in it. All the good characters ran and flew with Aslan without ever feeling tired, and I joined them in going up the mountain, through the waterfalls, and beyond. It is a feast of the imagination. I will definitely miss dining with the leprechauns, wood nymphs and dwarves.

But, as Aslan said in the final page of The Last Battle, this is not the end, but the beginning.

The books, now guarded by Aslan himself (see photo - it's a gift from my wife years ago), await new adventurers to open its pages one more. And I eagerly look forward to watching the Narnia movie this coming Christmas holidays.

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