03 February 2005

May I quote you on that? (a case of plagiarism)

Early this year, the Philippine Computer Society launched Digital Pinay, an event that was to highlight the Filipina's increasingly-important role in I.T., a field dominated by men. The end does not justify the means, however, as the contest's underlying procedures and qualifications caught the ire of tech bloggers (check this article from Digital Life). Protests about the Digital Pinay giving more importance to beauty than brains became a concerted effort. Bloggers united (drop by Sacha Chua's blog), and the pageantry met its demise.

Another interesting issue has come up, this time hitting closer to home. Sassy's food blog was being plagiarized! Word for word! (visit the post here) Copies of recipes were being posted in kuro.ph by the Board Master (who goes by the name of Fireman) and another person named Princeedward.

Sassy's food blog is one of the many well-written and designed places where you can get your fill of Filipino recipes. The recipes are freely available for cooking at home. But lifting-off these materials and calling them your own is a shame!

Let us all support the fight against plagiarism on the net!
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