02 March 2005

A Litany for Constantine

Inspite of what the critics generally say at Rotten Tomatoes, I found Constantine an engaging movie overall.

It gave an interesting view about the battles being waged everyday here on earth between good and evil: battles we do not see but a selected few bear witness to. Half breeds roam the earth, playing their part in the wager made by God and the devil. They can only influence the outcome, but not directly make contact with the people. However, the discovery of the Spear of Destiny (the spear that was used to strike the Lord Jesus' side, resulting in his death) has triggered a series of events that is described in the bible of hell.

The son of the devil has grown tired of Lucifer's ways with the world, of this passive action on the war between good and evil. He wants to come to earth and reign. But he cannot do so; they cannot pass through this plane from theirs. There is a way, however. All that is needed are the: the blood of God, a psychic, the weapon used to 'kill' God (that which 'killed' God will give rise to the son of satan), and the help of God. That last part I was a bit confused, but I think I understand it a bit after some discussions with friends. I think.

Anyways, the Spear of Destiny finds its way to the Mental Institute where Angela's twin sister Isabel was confined because of her misunderstood ability to see things which others cannot. And Isabel knew what was going to transpire. So she kills herself, even if it meant eternal torture in hell. Things thus turn for the worse for Angela, as she is consequently sought after.

I think that is what I can share on the plot for now; don't want to spoil the fun for would-be movie watchers reading this. Other than the interesting plot, nice aesthetics include the beautifully-depicted Angel Gabriel (played by Tilda Swinton, who will also appear in the upcoming Narnia movie!), devious Lucifer was also played well, and the other characters also did a superb performance. I think Keanu Reeves has been stereotyped due to his famous Matrix persona; you actually half- expect that he will fly anytime soon in this movie. His character here and in the Matrix had a similar, fatalistic attitude so he did look like a cut out of the Matrix in this movie.

Initially , I wondered how God, who is Omniscient and Omnipresent, can let these events unfold, where I think evil had the upper hand. But as Gabriel said, He has a plan for us all. It may be difficult to explain, but something good did come out of these series of events eventually. An angaging movie overall.

Can anybody else confirm if the possessed woman of apparently Mexican or Asian origin in the early parts of the movie spoke in Filipino while Constantine was doing the exorcism?

[photo taken from the Constantine movie site]
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