18 March 2005

blogkadahan: rebels without because

I was pleasantly surprised when I received an invitation to join a mailing list a little over a month back. Surprised because inspite of the fact that I share personal things in my blogs, I am quite reserved in person. I'd be the one you would least likely notice in gatherings, as I prefer sitting it out, smiling and laughing, and would gratefully have a bottle of beer to chug occasionally.

So I really didn't think I made a lasting impression with my peers when we had our first ever bloggers' EB last December. Although I did meet a lot of nice people, and got to further expand the blogs I visit.

Yet I have to say, joining blogkadahan is one of the nicest things that has happened to me blogging-wise since the party. Each member has posted a bit about themselves, and are now in the second phase of posting about their first true love! And I can't tell you enough about how rambunctious and fun it has been in the mailing list. To top it all, blogkadahan (whose posts are mostly written in Filipino) is represented by Filipinos living in different areas of the globe, giving us fresh insights in how it is to live in other countries through their blogs, and how proudly Filipino they still are in their humor, food, and life.

I have included a list of member blogs in blogkadahan at the right panel as well. Do visit blogkadahan, revel in being Filipino and celebrate life with us.

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