30 March 2005

Falling into routine

Now I truly know how dependent I am with internet access.

When I turn on the laptop in the office, I download my e-mails, and check these in tandem with a visit to my blogs to check for comments. Then I head off for a short visit to blogkadahan and to the Berks mailing list. When there is the rare moment when we have a failed internet connection, things doesn't seem to move. Everybody in the office experiences this. One look and you'll see exasperated colleagues listlessly staring at their screen, waiting for the Internet to come on. Talk about dependence on the Net.

I was amused at what happened this morning. I turned on my PC and opened my e-mail client. No connection! I tried surfing the net. Nada! I immediately called our Net Admin. I can't get any work done this way. Help!

I rebooted and tried again. Nothing. Our Admin promptly dropped by my place and asked how things were. Why o why, are the others so peacefully staring at their computers, apparently with internet and network access, and mine doesn't work? Have I been cut-off from the system?

The answer was much simpler than I expected. My patch cord wasn't connected. Sheepishly, I plugged in my laptop and murmured my apologies.

It happens to the best of us.


  1. Anonymous12:46 am

    shucks, nangyari narin sa akin yan, at kung kelan pa ako ang in charge sa tech support dept. kakahiya totoo. parang gusto kong batukan sarili ko.

  2. How many times have I done something similar in life and felt so foolish afterwards? Too many to count. Now as I sit here trying to think of one to relate to you as an anecdote, I can't remember any. Fortunately, the human brain has the ability to push those thoughts into the far recesses so as to not remind us of our follies all day long.

  3. Hello Bambit. I was also a techie guy here at the office before I transferred to Marketing. So when that happened, I knew it was happening. I'm becoming a clueless end-user. hehehe

    Hello Mr. Abbey! Aargh. Now that I have blogged about it, how can I forget?

  4. Patch cord is so 90s. Wireless Fidelity is here and the future is now :D

  5. Hello Alan. You got accustomed to dedicated services. Where are you working now, by the way?

    Yes, jgotangco. I wish I can do wifi too. *sigh*

  6. that simple huh?! and i thought it was a conspiracy against you.lol.

  7. w,
    nakawireless ako sa bahay at mostly nasa sala ang aking laptop samantalang yong router at modem ay nasa aking bedroom.
    di ko rin alam natanggal pala yong naoff ko pala yong power surger. cord. tawag ako sa SBC dsl provided ko. Tinanong kung may ilaw yong modem. sabi ko wala.
    pinacheck yong phone cord. oks naman.
    yong power cord. nakakabit naman pero teka walang ilaw.

    hirap pa namang intindihin yong indian techie support.

  8. Sir nick! astig yung picture mo sa taas ah. ikaw lang ang may kulay ang suot! FASHIONISTA!

  9. Hello Amie. Yeah, I thought it was a complicated task, when all it needed was a plug. hahaha

    hello Ca T! Di ka nabentahan ng 5-6? hehehe

    Hello MasterChu. Di ko kamukha yung noong bata pa ako kasi malago pa hair ko noon kaya ko kinulayan. harhar

  10. Thanks for the compliments babewolf! It's a compliment, right? hehehe

    Love your blog. It's kwela.


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