08 March 2005

When it rains, it pours

Pardon me for this 'rainy' post. I was about to entitle this "A Series of Unfortunate Events", because it is. But it might be mistaken for a review of the movie that's showing this week (my wife and I watched this last week, and we enjoyed it, by the way). Hence the equally-appropriate title.

My series of unfortunate events started happening yesterday afternoon, when I suddenly rose from my chair here in the office then 'wham!'. My mobile phone flew off its belt compartment. Which made me wonder why it would do so, especially since I was quite sure that the velcro covering was strapped quite strongly. And horror of all horrors, the screen display cracked! They said it will cost me around 9,000 pesos to have the thing repaired! Aaargh.

Anyways, I was rushing here and there because we were in the midst of event preparations for today til Thursday. We met our forgeign principals, and then we did occular inspections. Oakwood Premier turned out ok, but when we got to Makati Shangri-La, we had to wait for over half an hour to have the function room opened, and when they finally did, the room was a complete mess! They haven't fixed it up yet. Our guests took it good-naturedly, but it was definitely what I did not have in mind.

Then this morning, I got up early and proceeded to the shower room. What the ... the light's busted! I had to take my bath by candle light. And then in the middle of my bath, water ran out! Somebody had to turn on the water tank, and eventually I was able to finish. And then I was supposed to wear my green barong, only to learn that it was not washed yet. So I wore something else instead.

I decided not to drive because of these series of unfortunate events. I started receiving calls a little past 8. Our CEO and COO are already in the venue, and we haven't set-up registration yet. Good thing Pauline and company were on their way already.

So I got to the office, printed out some materials needed for the event, then got there before the morning break. When I got back to the office this afternoon, my laptop wouldn't work! After the check-up, our IT Admin declared that it needed re-formatting. Great.

And here I am, writing this nice piece of work before I go home. I think I'm coming down with a fever. I had been asking for permission to go home early but I realized I can't. Got lots to do.

I might be taking a sick leave tomorrow. If you'll be looking for me then, I'll be in bed, beside my beaten down mobile phone and laptop.


  1. ooooh, watson! sobrang malas man! what happnd to you? my gulay. well, i hope you are ok and i hope you ddnt get sick. kaya mo yan. you guys always manage to pull everything off. TRULY!

  2. Akala ko naman kung gaano kamalas. Konting malas lang yan. There have been worse cases. what 4 mishaps within the day? Okay pa yan, di ba?

  3. geesh, tides are against you, that's bound to happen once in a while. I believe in Karma, you'll get your due reward for this :)

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. awww poor watson! shoooo shoooo (ok i'm trying to drive away these little creatures of badluck from your door). feel better soon!


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