19 March 2005

May the Force be with you, always

I was a Jedi once. The Republic called upon us to bring order to the galaxy. We defend the oppressed, guide the senate, and champion the cause of the people. It was a relatively peaceful time at Coruscant then.

Obi Wan, Anakin and I went to a beerhouse one day. Not exactly to drink beer, but to try out their new videoke bar. Well, ok, we had a couple of barrels. And it is true what they say about knowing the true nature of men when they're drunk, for Anakin suddenly started blabbing about the New Order (and he wasn't referring to the new wave group either) and how he was going to rule over eveything and blast a couple of planets into oblivion. Obi Wan, who has a higher alcohol tolerance, was in his right mind when Anakin was blabbing. So they had a huge huge fight unlike anything Coruscant has ever seen before. Anakin was defeated and because he was ashamed, he hid behind a black mask and black costume to make him look more menacing. And to show Obi Wan he can really do the New Order thing, he did go from planet to planet, conquering them. Though I think he still has a soft side underneath that hard exterior. A couple of ewoks can be seen frolicking in his chambers. I think he likes teddy bears. He is even reputed to be building a Death Star near the forest moon of Endor, the Ewoks' home.

The directors in Coruscant got so inspired by this story that they will be releasing a movie about it this coming May. Anakin, who now goes by the name of Darth Vader, however, insisted on being part of the cast as the lead role no less or else feel the destruction wrought by the fully armed and operational battle station.

Well, anyhow, I got disillusioned by this Jedi thing. You cannot love, and you must not let emotions get in the way. Look at Obi Wan, he now lives in isolation, keeping close watch at Luke Skywalker growing up in the planet of Tatooine. I don't think I can do that. So I left the Jedi Order, got married, and settled far from the Republic, into my little space called Office Cubicle. But I still muse about my past life. It's still kinda cool having Jedi powers, though. I can make the remote glide to me while watching TV on weekends, for example.

[thanks to Polo of blogkadahan for this photo!]
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