31 March 2005

Star Wars mania

Woohoo! After a series of unfortunate events with logistics in a seminar and sales training we are coming up for next week, there was finally a silver lining in the cloud.

My boss has approved the exclusive screening of Star Wars Episode III of our company with Nortel this May! That certainly brought a smile to the faces of Team Marketing. This event is for customers though, but our Account Managers should be there as well. 441 guests! That will be a big crowd. But I'm sure we will have a few tickets floating around. I wonder who will be the first one to declare they are friends of Team Marketing when they get wind of this excellent news. :-)

This is actually the first time we will do this (I am usually seated with the audience, impatiently waiting for the program to finish so we can get on with the show), so if there is anyone out there who has experience in organizing exclusive screenings, I will appreciate a tip or two. Yes, I know we have to keep the program short. :-) We're thinking of donning costumes ...

Can't wait for May!

[photo borrowed from this Russian site]
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