06 April 2005

Cooking class: meatballs

There are many people out there, I'm sure, who would like to try their hand at cooking, but has found it to be too cumbersome a task, what with the welding of the knives and the requisite hazardous component of using fire!

I, likewise, marveled at the ingenuity and creative output that cooking does. And when I was able to boil water without burning it, I felt it my duty to also share my newfound ability to cook. Sure, I only have a few hours on hands-on experience, but hey, I was able to boil eggs after I boiled water. That should amount to something.

So I will occasionally feature simple yet delightful recipes from time to time in this blog. I have another one coming up after this (that of scrambled eggs), but that's another blog. For today, we will discuss how to make meatballs.

Meatballs are excellent things. You can eat them as they are (with your favorite dip), or put it in spaghetti, or in soup-based dishes. And it's simple to make. Yummy!

1 big carrot
1/2 kilo ground beef
celery, chopped
1 medium-sized onion
Salt and pepper to taste
canola oil

Grate the carrot.
Grate the onion. Shed tears if you must. But it's not part of the ingredients.
Mix the carrot, onions, and celery with the ground beef.
Add a dash of salt and pepper.
Mash with your hands (the fun part)

Now, form the mixture into balls. You may use your hands, but we found it more challenging if you use two spoons. Juggle the meaty mush into balls. Heat the
canola oil in the frying pan over low-to-medium heat. Drop the meatballs into the pan. It's great if the meatballs get submerged in the hot oil. Pierce the meatballs so the inside gets cooked as well.

When the meatballs turn brown (I like it dark brown), it's time to get it off the oil.

Grab a plateful of rice and enjoy!
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