20 April 2005

Anogustokomaging at blogkadahan.com

Shameless plug ...

I have a post in blogkadahan.com on the current thread, "Ano gusto ko maging paglaki ko" (what I would like to be when I grow up). Do visit this blog; I shared some things on how I ended up having a career in I.T. Also posted there are the experiences of my fellow blogkadahan members.

It's in that blog where I also get to write in Filipino, which is admittedly more difficult than to speak it :-). Thanks and see you there!


  1. haha why naman shameless? we have our share of strong convictions of bravery sometimes hehe :)

    nasunod ba gusto mo ngayong hindi ka na bata?

  2. Hello Vixen! Merong nasunod, merong hindi. You can't have them all, I guess. Pero oks lang :-)


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