29 April 2005

Road Trip Day 2

Day 2 of the Road Trip leads us to the southern part of Manila. We only have two destinations, a couple of which were not able to accommodate our number.

Our first destination is Lake Caliraya located in Pagsanjan, Laguna. That's a three-hour (approx) trip by land from Manila. The lake is actually man-made, and is located atop the mountains. It was my first time to actually visit this place, and it was an eye-popping scene indeed. I didn't realize the lake would be huge! Tilapia thrived in the waters.


Chu made an apt desctiption to a couple of places. He said that if White Rock in Subic is a place of revelry, Caliraya is for quiet meditation. I can't help but agree with him. While both places have wide areas to roam about, White Rock looks quite festive. Caliraya, on the other hand, is quiet and serene. And quite rightly so, for it was originally a place for retreats and youth camps. The facilities are more than sufficient for a company outing, though. There's a basketball court, a badminton court, a couple of tennis courts, there's kayaking and jet skiing. The food is priced just right.


Our next venue led us right at the opposite end of Laguna and into Cavite. It was around four-hours' trip climbing to another mountain, and into Puerto Azul.
The place was nice and quiet. The cottages are elevated, and the flooring is made of lined-up planks. It reminded me of the huts of the Ewoks from Star Wars, actually.


The place was in the mountains. Walk a little futher off and you get to the beach. However, we agreed that everybody wouldn't fit in here as well, and the beach grounds look inadequate for our planned activities. Hats-off to the courteous staff at the restaurant for the very nice dinner and for the lady-in-charge who ran after us to return Fisherpau's mobile phone!


We were able to get home a bit earlier than the first Road trip, but only for a couple of hours. We're relieved that it's over, and we look forward to doing our report to the team on Monday.

With the 14+ hours road trip for 2 days that we did, people at the office were surprised that we were reporting for work today! But we had to do catch-up on some work and read our e-mails. At least, there's variety in our job. :-)


  1. Nick!
    For once workaholic ka at di alcoholic! hehehe

  2. hi watson! again, thanks so much for all the help. you guys did a great job!

  3. Thanks Cherry for the bitter-flavored comment! hehehe

    Hi dessagirl! Hope it pushes through...

  4. weee nice! i've never been to kaliraya but i think we're booked there this coming june for our retreat!

  5. Uy Amie I'm sure you'll love it there! Especially dun sa slide!

    Thanks Ric!

  6. i miss doing ocular inspections and road trips :( i miss Trends :(


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