19 April 2005

Side Salad Shenanigans

When I eat out fastfood-style, I usually order a little bit of things when I do not want burgers. And such was my preference one fine Sunday evening with my wife. Apart from Jollibee's Palabok, I decided on having salad on the side.

Only when I got to my table did I realize that I've been duped! Sure, the salad costs under 30 pesos, but what's with the sparse arrangement of sorry greens, a couple of tomato slices, and an egg slice? I felt robbed, shortchanged, cheated! And hungry!


Compare this with the side salad of Wendy's, also under 30 pesos. Okay, I know it's a bit unrealistic to compare the veggie salad with the macaroni, but I'd say, with two similarly-priced products, I'd go for a more-filling macaroni side salad anytime rather than get a paltry serving of greens for my money. The sauce is on the sour side, though.


I just made myself hungry with this post. I'm off to try other budget-priced goodies!


  1. hi,

    Wendy's garden salad is really much better than Jollibee's greens. I can have it as lunch kahit yun lang at tubig.

  2. um, since hindi ako kumakain ng gulay, i would always choose the macaroni salad over the plants. i hate jollibee. bad service, bad food. period. no questions asked and that's MY opinion, even if a lot would disagree.

    wendy's on the other hand, is the best!love everything they serve! from their frosty to their yummy baked potato!

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  4. hey hey, here is the last muse (tlm)

    I couldn't help but to smile upond reading your latest entry. What can I say? Although I havent really tried Jollibee's "garden fresh" salad, I feel discouraged especially now that you've described the ingredients in details. I can't even call that a salad.

    I think i'll just opt for kamatis, sibuyas, mustasa, vinegar and salt concoction :P

    will link you :P

  5. The cheapest way is to buy the triple washed organic greens in the supermarket (only P50) and a bottle of dressing (french or whatever you fancy) and you'll have salad for yourself for at least 3 days.

  6. yap, i make my own salad these days...i just bought lettuce, ceasar salad dressing with bacon flavor, cheese, croutons, and chicken...viola may salad na ko! these are all available naman in the groceries, which reminds me i have greens pa pala on the ref so i can make a salad tonight!

  7. triple washed organic greens, jgotangco? Will the customer service rep recognize that? Is it available in SM?

    Amie! Where do you buy croutons? Or do you make it? Do tell!

  8. I buy them from Landmark or Market! Market! I believe they are harvested from Tagaytay (where organic farms are a plenty lately).

  9. yap go to Landmark i got the lettuce na nakapack na, even the croutons available there watson

  10. Oh ... thanks jgotangco and amie!


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