04 April 2005

Food for the soul and tummy

Firstly, I admit that I'm not really the regular church-going type. So it's a good thing that my wife is. She invites me to hear mass on Sundays and I obligingly attend with her. And for the times when I hear mass, I do listen to the sermon and participate as much as I can in the activities involved. I miss the songs I grew up with when I was a kid, though. It seems they're churning up new songs every now and then, and I can't quite keep up with the new ones.

At any rate, Sunday mass is also a nice respite from staying at home in the weekends. Because after mass, we'd mill around the ground in front of the church and buy goodies street vendors have for the day. And if you go to mass early in the morning, you likewise find nice goodies. The rice cakes are very popular, and disappear rather quickly. Fruits also abound. Mangoes, watermelon, bananas, and lots more. You may also find your lunch meal here. A vendor sells fish cooked in coconut milk (sumptious!), or embotido (yummy!), or buy vegetables to cook later (I love veggies!).

It's a nice way to start the morning: commune with the Lord, and then treat yourself to great food!

[a couple more photos can be found in my photo blog]
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