15 April 2005

of Gods and Men

There was a time when men were not the only dominating beings in this world. Long before men discovered machines that paved the way to industrialization, there were nymphs and centaurs in the woods, there were mermaids and monsters in the sea, and there were gods ruling the elements. It was an age of wonderment, when men found creative ways to explain why things are as they are; why there are stars, why lightning is cast-off from the skies, how the very universe was created. It was a time when men were close to Mother Nature, and they respected each other.

These stories are not lost to us. Pages upon pages of wonderful stories filled with love and war and adventures await as we turn the pages of Mythology. I have loved these stories since grade school, and I am now revisiting these wonderful times in my spare time, and before I call it a night.

Some of my favorite stories include the love story between Cupid and Psyche, and of how the Big Bear and Little bear became constellations, the Quest for the Golden Fleece, and of Pegasus and Medusa. What are your favorite mythological stories?

[I bought the book Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes by Edith Hamilton. Here are some book notes to some of the chapters, but these are condensed versions of the stories. Photo credit goes to newciv.org]
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