19 April 2005

Side Salad Shenanigans

When I eat out fastfood-style, I usually order a little bit of things when I do not want burgers. And such was my preference one fine Sunday evening with my wife. Apart from Jollibee's Palabok, I decided on having salad on the side.

Only when I got to my table did I realize that I've been duped! Sure, the salad costs under 30 pesos, but what's with the sparse arrangement of sorry greens, a couple of tomato slices, and an egg slice? I felt robbed, shortchanged, cheated! And hungry!


Compare this with the side salad of Wendy's, also under 30 pesos. Okay, I know it's a bit unrealistic to compare the veggie salad with the macaroni, but I'd say, with two similarly-priced products, I'd go for a more-filling macaroni side salad anytime rather than get a paltry serving of greens for my money. The sauce is on the sour side, though.


I just made myself hungry with this post. I'm off to try other budget-priced goodies!
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