30 April 2005

Side Salad Trip

I blogged some time ago about salad offerings of 2 fastfood shops. Amie and Jgotangco gave useful tips on where to get the "raw materials" to make your own. So I decided to check out sections in Landmark at Makati which I do not usually frequent.

Lo and behold. Landmark has changed the layout of the grocery section, so I stared at the new map for quite a while before squeezing my way into the toiletries and food section with my wife's list in mind. My buddy and I finally got to the greens section. Oooh! Lots of choices, at only 19.00 each! And there were the largest onions I have ever seen! I guess these are the ones used for onion rings? Plus brightly-colored bell peppers and plump tomatoes abound!

salad greens



There were also ready-made salad with dressing in plastic packaging at 50+ each. A middle-aged couple were looking at these and they remarked to each other it's still best to make the salad yourself. Which stopped us in our tracks because we were about to dump some into our cart.

I'll go back this weekend and make salad for lunch next week!
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