23 April 2005

Tagay 'Tay!

There's this rather obscure story that explains how Tagaytay got its name. A group of foreigners (either the Spanish conquistadores or the U.S. ... take your pick) was travelling in these parts and he did not know where he was. He then chanced upon a father and his son drinking along the roadside. They were quite intoxicated already, so they did not take notice of the strangers approaching them. They then asked the drunken duo, "Where are we?" (translate this in Spanish if you picked the former in the above choices).

They did not hear him, but rather the son said "Tagay, 'Tay!" (Cheers, Father! Ole'! Aye Caramba!). The group thought his question was being addressed and hence they christened the place Tagaytay.

And what a wonderful place it is indeed to have a couple of drinks. The weather is cool (people who'd like a weekend retreat amongst nature and cool climate would go here rather than make the six-hour trip to Baguio), and you get to see the famous Taal Volcano. It is situated within a lake, and within the dormant (I pray it is) volcano is a small lake. This is the lake-within-a-lake.

I was there last Thursday and Friday for a rather rushed assignment (I was notified only last Wednesday) to assist in our presence in a convention there).

Last Thursday, we bought some fruits at a roadside stand on the way back to Manila. And it was my first time to taste mangosteen! It was like Atis (Starapple)

Then yesterday, our colleague treated us to bulalo (soup-based beef dish), crispy pata (deep fried pork), and a couple of drinks. It was a fitting ending to a rather engaging couple of days. Chu the Man agrees. Tagay!

[Hmmm. I managed to turn this post into another food blog. :-) We didn't get to taste the small fish that lives only in Taal Lake, but I hope there'll be another time!]
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