08 April 2005

Thanks Jeeves and Bloglines!

Oh wow. I had a really long day, what with the customer seminar that we oversaw today, and I feel that I'm ready to sleep the whole day tomorrow. But lo and behold, along with my snail mails for today, I received a white pagkaging envelope containing a piece of clothing of some kind. There was only my name on it, so it was the last thing I opened.

It's an Ask Jeeves shirt, with "I love bloglines" written in front!

When news reached me that Ask Jeeves acquired Bloglines, I visited the Ask Jeeves Blog to check on what's up with this RSS Reader company of which I am a subscriber. Then I saw this post that they were giving away shirts for the early respondents to this limited offer. I am halfway across the world, but what the heck. I sent my request and crossed my fingers.

I didn't think they'd be sending me one. This is definitely a pleasant surprise. Thanks Jeeves and Bloglines!

(I just saw a post in the Ask Jeeves blog about the shirt. Read about it here)
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