13 September 2005

6630 Blues

I was in Baguio last weekend and was happily taking photos of food, Mommy Tina and Jo-Lo when suddenly my camera phone (an office-issued Nokia 6630) conked out on me. Yes, the memory card got corrupted and I cannot retrieve the nice photos of the champorado, the camote, of baby Jo-Lo reading and with his smiling Mommy ... bummer.

Incidentally, this 6630 is really something. Whenever I go to Baguio, it goes into wacky mode. Yes, that's a special feature. I think that when the phone encounters a certain temperature change, it goes into auto-off mode. Time and again I found my phone turned off and it won't go back on when the ON/OFF button is pushed. So I have to remove the casing, remove the battery, then put back the battery and the casing again before the phone can be activated again. Double bummer. Were it not for the nice shots I get from this phone, I would have traded it for something else. Whoops, I forgot. This is not mine. Triple bummer. What's wierd is, the auto-off "feature" does not work in Manila. Strange, eh?

In a last ditch effort, I'm downloading software (called ImageRecall) to recover files from the corrupted memory card. Dessagirl will be bringing her memory card reader tomorrow. Wish me luck!
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