13 September 2005

6630 Blues

I was in Baguio last weekend and was happily taking photos of food, Mommy Tina and Jo-Lo when suddenly my camera phone (an office-issued Nokia 6630) conked out on me. Yes, the memory card got corrupted and I cannot retrieve the nice photos of the champorado, the camote, of baby Jo-Lo reading and with his smiling Mommy ... bummer.

Incidentally, this 6630 is really something. Whenever I go to Baguio, it goes into wacky mode. Yes, that's a special feature. I think that when the phone encounters a certain temperature change, it goes into auto-off mode. Time and again I found my phone turned off and it won't go back on when the ON/OFF button is pushed. So I have to remove the casing, remove the battery, then put back the battery and the casing again before the phone can be activated again. Double bummer. Were it not for the nice shots I get from this phone, I would have traded it for something else. Whoops, I forgot. This is not mine. Triple bummer. What's wierd is, the auto-off "feature" does not work in Manila. Strange, eh?

In a last ditch effort, I'm downloading software (called ImageRecall) to recover files from the corrupted memory card. Dessagirl will be bringing her memory card reader tomorrow. Wish me luck!


  1. so THAT'S why you need a memry card. sa kapatid ko yun! borrow lang natin! hehe. cge, i placed it in my reminder alrdy

  2. Happened to me once while covering an event in an ice skating rink. My Nokia 3650 and Canon non-digital SLR (QD1000, tama ba?) both conked out because of the temperature change.

  3. Help me Dessagirl ... help meeeeee!

    Boss Igor, I wonder how phones sold in Baguio are doing? They have matching scraves and sweaters? hwehwehwe

  4. Anonymous6:44 pm

    Is there a warning on the cellphone that says that the phone will go nuts shen it is in a certain temparature range? That is the first time i heard of such incident while the phones are made to stand-up temparatures lower than that of Baguio, maybe the phones are the tropical version and made for our climate and made some "Cost-cutting" measures, they forgot baguio is a cold environment!

  5. From what I have seen, especially with my wife's cellphone, they are meant to cause problems probably to keep us occupied and prevent us from complaining about poor coverage.

  6. Anonymous3:37 am

    ..i guess that's really one of the problems encountered by that (sad to say) "NEW" model..my friends who've owned such phone had no choice but to trade it in afterwards..di makaconnect at cliff-hanger...take note, mainit d2.
    too "bulky" cguro & that could be a reason? i dunno....kulang na lang incorporate nila microwave function para super ultra techy gadget na sya..hehehe
    in fairness, it's Nokia so it's user-friendly, ok na din. BTW, nice shot! =)

  7. shift ka na sa Sony Ericsson (plugging hehehe!) gayahin ang phone ni tanggers!

    im sorry for the pictures!

  8. Anonymous10:58 am

    dapat na siguro silang gumawa ng Baguio Version na phone, hehehe.

  9. Hello j-phearson from Amie's blog! Hmmm... if they make a Baguio version of the phone, I hope they include Ilocano in the dictionary :-)

    Good insight, Mr. Abbey! :-) Inspite of these "features", Nokia is still the most popular phone here because it's very user friendly. From what I see in movies, Motorola is the choice there?

    Ah, at least, En, I know now that I'm not alone. Group hug!

    Owen, kung meron nga lang akong extra cash rito ...

    Whoa Dexter. Talaga?! Grabe ang feeling ano. Nakakapanghina kapag nalaman mong nawala yung precious photos mo nang ganun-ganun na lang.

    Yes DarkBlak. Yung may Ilocano dictionary dapat!

  10. oi bago ito ahh. ganun pala may mga cellphone din na mahilig maginarte.... hehehe

  11. di ko pa na-experience yan, my guess is the fault is on the battery?
    sarap naman sa inyo, company provided ang phone, may opening ba dyan??? :)

  12. dapat may dala-dala kang isa pang phone cam for back up. bitbit ka rin ng digital cam para mas sigurado. pero mas maigi nang laging handa---dala ka rin ng film cam in case everything fails. hehe.

  13. Since I don't have one I couldn't tell you what is popular. My wife has I believe a nokia but she bought it in England.

    P.S. Don't believe what you see in the movies. America is totally different than what is portrayed in the movies in about every sense.

  14. Ngayon ko lang narinig ito, Watson. Weather-dependent cellphone. It can be most bothersome, I bet. Paano kung emergency?

  15. Oo nga Airwind. Kaya kesho mamahalin ang celfone, di ibig sabihin nun sa talagang maganda sya.

    Tanggers! Di namin ma-a-afford ang rate mo :-)

    Hello Mr. Abbey! So Hollywood paints a very different picture from reality?

    Oo nga e Doc Emer. What if may tumatawag sa yo na urgent, yun pala nag auto-off phone mo? O kaya you need to make a call pero you are in a situation where every second counts? Aaargh. Nokia should do something about making their phones more reliable and not churn out new models like it's the end of the world.

  16. ganun yata talaga pag nokia... my sister in laws phone is nokia 7610, somehow hindi sya mabasa ng nokia phone browser when i connect it to my pc... but all other features ng pc suite ok naman, cept for the phone browser...

  17. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Go Sony Ericsson! I've always hated Nokia's build quality... btw: semicon is dropping Nokia for the simple reason that 75% of the Nokias they sell come back to them needing repairs.


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