20 September 2005

Pancit Pancitan

Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, happy birthdayyyyyy … happy birthday to you!”

Anong pagkain ang laging kasama sa handaang Pinoy, lalo na kapag birthdays? Sirit? Di ka masyadong naiimbita sa parties ano? :-) Wat els, e di pancit! At dapat, kapag niluto ang pancit, hwag puputulin ang noodles para hahaba pa ang buhay ng celebrant. Hmmm… saan ka pa makakakita ng kahit sa pagkain ay meron ding pamahiin?

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  1. i dont know what your saying, but its my birthday to! happy birthday! [if it even is your birthday]

  2. I fall into the same catagory as -jkg. Happy birthday anyway.

  3. Hello penovate! Been to your blog too! Ganda!

    Hello -jkg. Yep, I also visited your blog. Happy birthday to you!

    Ummm... Mr. Abbey and -jkg, it's not really my birthday yet. My introductory line was in connection with this Filipino food called pancit that's always in birthday parties because it is said to lengthen the life of the celebrant. :-). A piece of trivia for you.

  4. I am a pancit veteran now after having attended so many parties. My wife translated the other site you linked to and I now know it was your baby's three month birthday. I wish Jolo the best!

  5. Thanks Mr. Abbey! I'm sure he will grow to love Filipino food and customs as well.


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