08 September 2005

Beef bowl with ginger

Since we are on the topic of food and places to go, I would like to recommend the beef bowl of no other than Yoshinoya, a Japanese fastfood shop! The beef bowl is simple enough. Shredded beef akin to bacon strips with sliced onions on top of steaming white rice. But the taste of the beef is simply scrumptious. It's simple yet enjoyable. Add to that the nice green iced tea (though I am not quite sure if it possesses the benefits supposedly derived from this drink), and you get a tummy-filling meal.

But wait! There's more! Add a generous shake of ground spices similar to the one used in pizzas, and you get something that looks spicy but it's not. And then there's the red ginger! I pile a generous amount on my beef bowl. Frankly, I'm not sure if that's the way this is supposed to be eaten. Is this a Japanese appetizer? I don't know. One thing I know, though, is that the reason I come back to Yoshinoya is also because of this red ginger.

Not a lot of my friends like the taste so I was surprised when my wife also loved the red ginger. I would sometimes ask for some (they have samples in small plastic packets) to take home. I don't think grocery stores carry that.

It's strange that I like this red ginger thingamajig, when I remember back in high school a friend was happily munching on Chinese candied ginger and gave me some. I spit it out. Urgh. But now I also like the taste of salabat (a ginger-based drink. Soothes the throat), which you can now buy in "instant" form on grocery stores.

Now I wonder if my voice has improved ... pass the mic please.


  1. wow! this is indeed is a good dish! ginger and beef is a really good combination!When I was in Manila I saw Yoshinoya in Parksquare. Is that the Yoshinoya you were talking about?I've never tried there food but would love to!

  2. Anonymous10:16 am

    grabe naman mga huling post mo, nakakagutom lagi... teka mag-aalmusal lang ako :D

  3. Hello Duke! Teka bakit Duke? Teacher Sol is dat yu? Yes, yung nasa Park Square. Try it, I think meron din sa area nyo :-)

    Darkblak, idamay mo na rin ako, di pa ako nag-aalmusal eh.

  4. Ay hindi pala Duke = Teacher Sol ... makgkahawig kasi kayo ng location shot sa photo ... sowee...

  5. yum! ito ba yung inorder natin last time na nag lunch tayo sa Yoshinoya... di ko pa natikman lasa ng red ginger.... actually didnt like the taste of ginger anyway, thats why when i cook something with ginger i really chopped it very finely....

  6. uy!!!! gusto ko niya! gusto ko mag-order ng pitong ganyan tsaka isang large na diet coke

  7. G, yan na nga yun. Ang tagal na nun ah.

    Chu, oo nga! Tapos chicken joy as desert!

  8. the beef bowl is always the best pick in yoshinoya. the pickled ginger btw is an appetizer, but who cares how you eat.

    order pa!

  9. ang sarap naman niyan!!! kainis nga eh, nawala yang Yoshinoya dito sa amin =(

  10. looks yum yum. i've never been to yoshinoya. try ko later. i wonder if they have delivery? delivery queen kasi ako being a girl with a limited capacity in the kitchen area.

  11. Ah, appetizer ba yun Owen? I see. Di naman kasi sila nagbibigay ng extra bowl for the ginger so I put it on top of the beef and eat these all at the same time. :-)

    Hi Joyce! Ang alam ko nga lang na place where Yoshinoya is, is at Park Square 1.

    Hello Amie! That I do not know...

  12. i only ate at yoshinoya once. i didn't like it. hindi naman ako naiiba, anu?

  13. Anonymous1:40 pm

    hi! this is YOKO from Japan.
    I found your site when i was looking for the information of YOSINOYA in Makati.
    In our style (meaning JAPANESE culture), girls seldom eat in YOSINOYA. like philipina seldom drink SanMiguel Beer in front of SARISARI.
    But I love YOSINOYA very much.
    you know, in JAPAN, we couldnt eat any Beef in YOSINOYA because of BSE.

  14. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Oh my goodness! I finally found someone else who loves Yoshinoya's red ginger.

    I used to go there for lunch often just for their pickled ginger, once I discovered it. Now that I'm disabled (and can't walk) I have my sister pickup a chicken bowl now and then, but I eat only the red ginger.

    And I still use Windows 98 SE too. I refuse to use a later version because I know DOS.

    Alwyn Miller
    Buena Park, CA


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