08 September 2005

Beef bowl with ginger

Since we are on the topic of food and places to go, I would like to recommend the beef bowl of no other than Yoshinoya, a Japanese fastfood shop! The beef bowl is simple enough. Shredded beef akin to bacon strips with sliced onions on top of steaming white rice. But the taste of the beef is simply scrumptious. It's simple yet enjoyable. Add to that the nice green iced tea (though I am not quite sure if it possesses the benefits supposedly derived from this drink), and you get a tummy-filling meal.

But wait! There's more! Add a generous shake of ground spices similar to the one used in pizzas, and you get something that looks spicy but it's not. And then there's the red ginger! I pile a generous amount on my beef bowl. Frankly, I'm not sure if that's the way this is supposed to be eaten. Is this a Japanese appetizer? I don't know. One thing I know, though, is that the reason I come back to Yoshinoya is also because of this red ginger.

Not a lot of my friends like the taste so I was surprised when my wife also loved the red ginger. I would sometimes ask for some (they have samples in small plastic packets) to take home. I don't think grocery stores carry that.

It's strange that I like this red ginger thingamajig, when I remember back in high school a friend was happily munching on Chinese candied ginger and gave me some. I spit it out. Urgh. But now I also like the taste of salabat (a ginger-based drink. Soothes the throat), which you can now buy in "instant" form on grocery stores.

Now I wonder if my voice has improved ... pass the mic please.
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