09 September 2005

Japan Video Topics

Last month I talked about one of my childhood TV memories, the Sunday Chinese Theater and the lady with the huge wok. Last night I saw on IBC13 another show which I was fond of watching way back when. It was called Japan Screen Topics before, but the show is now called Japan Video Topics. However, the show still uses the same format as it had years ago.

Japan Video Topics is a documentary on various things Japanese. Arts, places, food, people, events, hobbies, work, what have you. Each segment is divided into three topics, each very clearly described and with lots of amazing video footages. Snow festivals, origami, ikebana, sushi, plastic food, nanny services in train stations ... the show covers lots of interesting topics.

Or maybe because I also like watching anime and eating Japanese food that I find this show interesting?

Japan Video Topics can be seen in IBC13 in the evening (around 7 I think?), and in the morning (around 7:30AM) in RPN9. I think these TV stations are using this segment as fillers.

I also find myself watching Lakbay TV frequently these days for Asian places, customs and events. I'd like to visit some of these countries after travelling in ours someday.

So hum a little Turning Japanese and hunt for these shows! For some Japanese fun, visit Engrish.com and Sushicam, a Japan photoblog.

PS. I'm still having a bit of a problem writing into my own shoutbox from the office. Sorry if I cannot respond to your comments there. But thanks for leaving notes! I appreciate it.
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