06 December 2005

The Games of our Lives

Hear ye hear ye Generation Xers! Re-live the glorious moments of classic arcade games PacMan, Galaga, and Galaxian in the Namco Museum 50th Anniversary Game for the PS2! Includes 14 arcade games we all grew up with, including those I mentioned above!

After so many years, these games still haven't lost their touch. I played these three games last night and I was so absorbed into beating my score that I didn't realize it was already 2AM!

I fed the sound into the mini-component and it was simply great. Especially the PacMan. There's a Ms. PacMan too! It was like I was inside the FunHouse once more (not that I went there often).

Ah yes, we are a video-game family. Even my mother was hooked into Battle City and Tetris. She and her sister would play til the early morning. My brother loved going to the arcade, while I usually rented out Game and Watch or borrowed my Aunt's Mario's Cement Factory, Parachute, Egg, Octopus, and Fire.

Now if only I can get Battle City and a Game n Watch ...
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