05 December 2005

Timeline Tag

I got tagged by Cherry so here goes...

10 years ago
1995? I was on my second year of being a taxpayer and I think I was still a Sales Engineer then, and being trained as a Systems Engineer.

5 years ago
The year 2000: I resigned from work in February and found out 7 months later that I missed the friends and work I left behind so I went back in September. I also went to Hongkong for vacation (I would go abroad normally for work), and that was the last time I went abroad.

A year ago
My wife got pregnant with Jo-Lo! Our miracle baby, because she had a complicated pregnancy that got her in the hospital for a week in December. I also started blogging last year.

I was in Baguio with my wife and Jo-Lo. He was still being his rambunctious self when it was already 11PM so I decided to take a quick nap to stay with them. I woke up at 12:30AM and rushed off to the bus terminal bound for Manila.

We plan to continue our Christmas rush for the company. Aaargh.

I'm blogging. Just got back from Christmas rush for the company. I arrived from Baguio at around 6 this morning so I still feel sleepy.

I wonder if Igor will take the bait / tag ...


  1. ngek! nag tag-tag-an lang tayong apat nina Bam and Cherry. O_o;; Putol ang chain.

  2. Yes. We tagged each other. Ang galing natin ano? ^_^


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